Final quest s18.07

UNSOLVED since  1st July 2023

Bounty pot

[updated 25.06.2023]

Welcome to qoob.quest – NFT micro series aiming to motivate the Cardano community to learn through exploration and fun.

I challenge you to become bounty hunter and participate in qoob.quest. The whole campaign will consist of 7 (initially planned to be 24) quests where each will have its own bounty and contain keys to the Final Bounty.

To snag the bounty you need to find 24 keys to Cardano wallets. For each quest, these keys will be encoded into small number (18-42) of NFTs which will be available for mint. Each NFT “carries” certain data – one to several pieces of the whole puzzle which will lead to the bounty.

You will need to be or get familiar with and use various computer and online apps, Cardano tools (e.g. cardanoscan.io, pool.pm and others) as well some 3D tools. You don’t need to be a programmer to win. All puzzles can be solved by logic, but skills to automate certain tasks and analyze data will be very helpful, especially for the Final Bounty.

What will be a bounty? Whatever can be stored in Cardano wallet but it will be worth it.

Keep in mind – blockchain is open and transparent for everyone 😉

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s18.01 – solved in 22 hours and 12 minutes

s19.02 – solved in 5 hours and 28 minutes

s19.03 – solved in 5 hours and 50 minutes

s19.04 – solved in 47 hours and 28 minutes

s19.05 – solved in 21 hours and 31 minute

s24.06 – solved in 19 days 22 hours and 16 minutes

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